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Chinese History - The Feudal States of the Zhou Period

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Enfeoffed by the Zhou Dynasty kings as dukes (gong 公), marquises (hou 侯) and counts (bo 伯) of different territories, these feudal lords (zhuhou 諸侯) gradually became independent from their liege lord. Dukes started to call themselves kings, and marquises rose to the rank of duke or king. In the ruler lists, rank increasings are written in bold types.
For Western Zhou and the Spring and Autumn Period, Chinese historians accept 13 official feudal lords (incl. Wu), for the Warring States Period 6 (with Qin 7) although the smaller states were still existing. All states not included in these numbers are written in round brackets (), the two Non-Chinese states of Shu and Ba are written in square brackets [].
The feudal lords are listed by state and by time, the states can be chosen from the dynamic maps below.

Western Zhou and Spring and Autumn Period:
Eastern Zhou Qin Chen Yan Lu Chu Cai Wu Qi Song Cao Yue Jin Wei (Wey) Zheng Ba Shu Eastern Zhou Wei (Wey) Song Lu Zhongshan Qin Chu Yan Qi Yue Zhao Han (Hann) Wei Ba Shu
ZHOU 周 Qin 秦 Chen 陳 Yan 燕 Qi 杞
Lu 魯 Chu 楚 Cai 蔡 Wu 吳
Qi 齊 Song 宋 Cao 曹 (Yue 越)
Jin 晉 Wei 衛 Zheng 鄭 [Ba 巴 and Shu 蜀]
[Fan 范] [Zhi 知 (智)] [Zhonghang 中行]
[Zhao 趙] [Wei 魏] [Han 韓]

Warring States Period:
ZHOU 周 Han 韓 Chu 楚 Yan 燕
Qin 秦 (Zheng 鄭) Yue 越 Qi 齊
Wei 魏 Zhao 趙 (Cai 蔡) Song 宋
Wei 衛 Zhongshan 中山 Lu 魯 [Ba 巴 and Shu 蜀]

Chen 陳Descendants of Emperor Shun
Qi 杞Descendants of the Xia dynasty
Song 宋Descendants of the Shang dynasty
Qi 齊Descendants of Bo Yi 伯翳, a minister of Emperor Shun
Qin 秦Descendants of Bo Yi 伯翳
Zhao 趙Descendants of Bo Yi 伯翳
Brothers of King Wu of Zhou 周武王
Bo Yi Kao 伯邑考, died early, no heirs
Guan 管Guan Shu Xian 管叔鮮, killed as rebel, no heir
Lu 魯Zhou Gong Dan 周公旦, Duke of Zhou
Cai 蔡Cai Shu Du 蔡叔度, exiled as rebel, heirs were lords of Cai
Cao 曹Cao Shu Zhenduo 曹叔振鐸, lord of Cao
Cheng 成/郕Cheng Shu Wu 成叔武, lord of Cheng, no hereditary biography, conquered by Qi in 408
Huo 霍Huo Shu Chu 霍叔處, lord of Huo, no hereditary biography, conquered by Jin in 7th cent.
Kang 康Kang Shu Feng 康叔封, lord of Wei 衛
Ran 冉/冄/{冄+邑}Ran Ji Dai 冉季載, heirs unknown
Other minor fiefs (selection):
Jiao 焦Descendants of Shen Nong 神農, relatives to the house of Zhou
Zhu 祝Descendants of the Yellow Emperor 黃帝
Ji 薊Descendants of Emperor Yao
Ying 英Descendants of Gao Yao 皋陶, a minister of Emperor Shun
Liu 六Descendants of Gao Yao 皋陶, a minister of Emperor Shun
Chui 垂Descendants of Gao Yang 高陽, Emperor Zhuan Xu 顓頊
Yi 益Descendants of Gao Yang 高陽, Emperor Zhuan Xu 顓頊
Zeng 繒Descendants of Xia
Kui 夔
Long 龍
Teng 滕Cuo Shu Xiu 錯叔繡, brother of King Wu of Zhou; Ji Mi, Duke Kao 考公麋; Ji Hong, Duke Yuan 元公弘 (Duke Ding 定公, Duke Wen 文公), conquered by Qi ca. 500
Xue 薛
Zou 騶
Zhu 邾Zhu Yan 邾顏, Family Cao 曹; Viscount Juqu 邾子貜且, Duke Ding 邾定公
Xu 許Family Jiang 姜, descendants of Emperor Yandi 炎帝; Jiang Zheng, Duke Huan 桓公鄭
Ju 莒Surname Ji 紀 or Ji 己 or Ying 嬴, descendants of Emperor Shao Hao 少皞
Sui 隨Surname Ji 姬
Hui 鄶 or 檜
Xi 息
Yu 虞
Guo 虢
Hua 滑
Yang 陽
Yu 邘
Ying 應
Quwo 曲沃
Bei 邶
Yong 鄘
Tang 唐
Gui 檜
Bin 豳

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